Shocking Matte Lips & Glittering Lids at NYFW

If day one of New York Fashion Week is an indicator of what’s to come this month—get excited. We were ready to declare the bright tomato lips and iridescent lids at Creatures of the Wind our go-to spring look when shots of the glittering, pigment-soaked eyes at Adam Selman’s debut presentation started hitting Instagram last night. Now we can’t choose between the two—and there are still 30 days of fashion month left!

At the former, Nars’ Director of Global Artistry James Boehmer took his inspiration from American artist Eugene von Bruenchenhein, the photographer from whom Creatures’ designers, Shane and Chris, took theirs. “The real statement of the makeup look is the satin, textured, orange lip,” says Boehmer. “It contrasts the colour and finish of the opalescent-textured eye.” So put the brand’s Satin Lip Pencil ($25) in Timanfaya on your shopping list for next spring. (Until it’s released, try layering the Lipgloss ($25) in Triple X on top of Nars’ Semi-Matte Lipstick ($26) in Heat Wave.) As for those shimmering eyes, Boehmer circled the entire eye with the Duo Eyeshadow ($34) in Iceland. We’d say it was mermaid-inspired, but then Selman happened.

So who is Selman? He’s the designer behind Rihanna’s collaboration with British high street brand River Island last year—and the genius behind many of her bespoke costumes. He showed his debut collection in New York last night, a sporty array of swimsuits and crop tops. Makeup artist Aaron de Mey was inspired by ‘70s supermodels, gravitating towards colour, texture, and like Boehmer, metallics. De Mey created a range of bold, upturned eye colours—purple, green, blue—complemented by peachy cheeks and lips. Our favourite, the purple, came from M.A.C.’s Paint Stick ($21) in Rich Purple layered under the brand’s Eye Shadow ($15) in Shadowy Lady. (More interested in the green or blue? Swap in Landscape Green and Bottle Green or Marine Ultra and Freshwater in the same formulas, then top with the brand’s Glitter ($21) in Reflects Turquatic or Emerald, accordingly.) He added an iridescent sheen to each shade with M.A.C.’s Pigment ($21) in Rose Gold, pulling the shine onto their brow bones and pouts with their Cream Colour Base ($20) in Pearl and Creamshine Glass ($20) in Richer, Lusher respectively. And that vibrant blush? M.A.C.’s Powder Blush ($21) in Peachykeen. The future is looking bright.