5 Shine-Busting Skin Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

When we look at the relationship our skin has with the various elements, its tryst with humidity is definitely the most volatile—similar to the love-hate relationship you have with your most tumultuous ex, you could say. On one hand, humidity pampers our skin with extra hydration and protects it from its most vengeful aggressor, dryness. But conversely, it also tends to make our complexion look a bit…greasy. As much as we all wish we could channel model-off-duty dewiness, the hard truth is that oiliness is a much more realistic conclusion.

So how, then, do you help your skin remain beautifully matte (or at least, not resembling an oil slick) when the temps outside are sweltering? We’re so glad you asked—keep flipping for five shine-busting skin tricks you’ll definitely put to use this summer!