The #1 Makeup Step Shay Mitchell Says Is "Crucial"


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There are few actresses who are as experimental with their makeup looks as Shay Mitchell. And we're not talking so out there that we couldn't envisage ourselves trying to re-create the looks. No, Shay and her makeup squad (she works with some of the best in the business) have fun with makeup, and they have this brilliant ability to make the most unusual colours look covetable, and more importantly, wearable, be it a pink eye shadow or a punchy pop of turquoise liner. So it's little wonder that Smashbox called on Mitchell to collaborate on a collection of seven pocket-size Cover Shot: Eye Palettes (£24 each). We dropped Mitchell a line via email to find out more about her new hookup with the Los Angeles–based makeup brand.

Keep scrolling to find out which palette is her favourite (top of our shopping list now, naturally), where she gets her experimental streak from and the number one makeup trick she says is crucial to getting a flawless face every time.

BYRDIE UK: How did your Smashbox collaboration come about? 

Shay Mitchell: I am always shooting at Smashbox Studios [in Los Angeles], and it just made sense when Smashbox asked me to be the face of this campaign. I have been obsessed with Smashbox for as long as I have been wearing makeup, plus the palettes totally mimic my many personalities.

BYRDIE UK: Where did you take inspiration from for the eye palettes?

SM: I didn't create the shades within the palettes, but I was able to create the multiple characters that linked to each of the seven looks.

BYRDIE UK: Do you have a favourite palette?

SM: I have been using the Ablaze palette the most. The colours are super wearable, and you can create a fun smoky eye with it.

BYRDIE UK: Any secret insider tips for using them?

SM: I use the lighter shades as a highlighter for my brows and cheekbones, too.

BYRDIE UK: What's your earliest makeup memory?

SM: Just watching my mom do her makeup, specifically her eye makeup, using all of these amazing blues and greens (hello, people, it was the '80s!).

BYRDIE UK: You're not afraid of wearing colour—what advice would you give to women who are nervous of a bright eye shadow or lipstick?

SM: Own it, and be confident.

BYRDIE UK: Do you have any favourite makeup looks from recent years, and if so, why do you love them?

SM: I work with such talented makeup artists that I couldn't choose just one or two, but off the top of my head I loved my look for the Teen Choice Awards 2016 and the look I did for my Smashbox Brunch with a red lip and blue eyeliner!

At the 2016 Teen Choice Awards


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BYRDIE UK: If you had just five minutes to do your makeup in the morning what would you do?

SM: Mascara, shadow, nude lipstick.

BYRDIE UK: If you could only wear one lipstick shade and eye shadow shade for the rest of your life—which would you choose?

SM: I couldn't just choose one! But if I had to choose one palette it would be the Smoky palette (£24).

BYRDIE UK: Which products are everyday staples in your makeup bag and why?

SM: Cover Shots Palette in Ablaze and Smoky I have found I use most regularly in my daily glam.

BYRDIE UK: You work with makeup artist Patrick Ta a lot, any great tricks you have learnt from him along the way?

SM: Blending with a Beautyblender is crucial. Also, to always let him do my cat eye, I am not allowed to do them on myself anymore because my hands are too shaky.

BYRDIE UK: What products or treatments does your morning and nighttime skincare routine consist of? 

SM: Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask (£9) at nighttime and Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub (£8) in the morning. Also, I put coconut oil everywhere!

BYRDIE UK: You travel a lot, have you found any good tricks for sleeping when you're travelling or on a plane?

SM: Headphones and a podcast, as well as comfy socks and an eye mask, go a long way!

BYRDIE UK: How do you keep fit and healthy?

SM: I live in L.A., so I hike a lot. I am also obsessed with boxing.

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