Shay Mitchell Keeps a Beauty Fridge in Her Bathroom



Just in case you didn't already know that Shay Mitchell was living the dream, consider this bit extravagance she has in her life: The actress tells Into the Gloss that she actually keeps a refrigerator in her bathroom specifically for primping essentials: undereye gels, Gatorade, and sugar-free Red Bull. #Casual.

"For me, going out is honestly about grabbing a great dinner with friends at a cute little spot. Events are very different," she explains. "It’s a whole process." Fair—but can we still justify it for ourselves, even if hitting the red carpet isn't just another weekday night in our case, and we don't have a glam squad on speed dial? Because this cosmetic-specific cooler ($450) looks pretty nice.

Would you ever keep a mini-fridge in your bathroom to store beauty products? What's the most extravagant beauty item you own? Tell us below!