Shakira's Trainer Shares Her Toned Tummy Secrets

“Complicated” is not a word we like to use to describe most things—mostly in relation to our dating lives or daily Vital Ingredient orders. But in the case our workout routine? Therein lies the answer.

“I wanted to take what I think may be a more complicated route but a much more comprehensive route,” says Anna Kaiser about her cult-favourite AKT workout. “You’re going to see more studios offering more workouts in the future,” she says.

Kaiser, who shapes and sculpts the likes of Shakira, Sofía Vergara, and Kate Hudson, takes a different approach to working out—one that might seem more complicated at first by combining elements of different workouts in one routine, but might just be the key to getting you closer to your Lily Aldridge #abgoals. Her classes are your favourite dance cardio class on steroids, with dashes of Pilates, HIIT, barre, and more thrown in the mix. Bored is the last thing you’ll feel—trust us (this editor has taken one, and can firmly attest it kicked her butt… hard).

We caught up with Kaiser and asked her to share her workout secrets (mostly in relation to Shakira’s abs and how we can get them, please and thanks). 

Keep scrolling to see what she said!