The Beauty Products the Sex and the City Women Would Use Today


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In case the binge-worthy Sex and the City marathons across multiple television networks haven't been a dead giveaway, it's officially been 20 years since the iconic show first aired on HBO and virtually became a rite of passage for a significant portion of the female population. Thus, we're in the (very) enjoyable throes of celebrating the anniversary of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda—and all of their sexual, professional, and, perhaps best of all, beauty adventures along the way. Which inspired us to wonder, what would the fabulous foursome love and wear today in terms of their beauty MOs?

So to celebrate the characters' 20th birthdays, we gifted them (and inadvertently you) with six beauty products each we think they'd be 100% obsessed with today. From Miranda's signature brick-red lippie to Carrie's whimsically shimmery eyelids to Samantha's penchant for extra-lubricated sex (with a hint of a cannabis-induced high), here are 23 beauty products the Sex and the City cast would climax for. (Sorry, couldn't not go there.) Keep scrolling!