Revealed: Everything You Need to Know About Septum Piercings



Septum piercings are nothing new, but it's definitely one of the more unusual places to get pierced. Yet I'm spotting more and more people on the streets of London flaunting a hoop through the middle of their noses. Now, this may be TMI, but have you ever plucked a hair out of your nose (I know it's not just me)? Well, it stings. Your eyes water. You sneeze.

Surely, a piercing right through your septum would be an unbearable experience? According to Maria Tash's head piercer, Kevin Lamb (known as @kevinthepiercer on Instagram), it's not all that bad. And I trust Kevin—he gave me my recent conch piercing (the hole that goes right through the ear), and it was surprisingly, jaw-droppingly painless. Tempted to get your septum pierced? Read on for our Q&A with Lamb.