Brilliant Beauty Products You Can Only Buy in Sephora

We haven't had it confirmed, but there is a major rumour circulating on that thing we call the internet that the world's greatest makeup store, aka Sephora, is going to open in the UK. For anyone who can remember (and this editor can), the last time Sephora was in the UK was during the noughties, and it's safe to say it was a real high moment for the beauty lover. 

Now, while that news is far from being set in stone (in fact, we're pretty sure it's not going to happen), there are plenty of reasons why you should shop there anyway. It only costs £6 to ship over to the UK when you order online, and there are plenty of items that you can buy that would make it totally worth the shipping fee. 

To prove our point, we decided that it's high time to celebrate the Sephora brand, which is just as brilliant as some of the cult items it stocks. Just keep your perfectly-manicured fingers crossed for that IRL store in the UK. Keep scrolling to shop our favourite Sephora Collection products.