The New Game-Changing Self-Tanner

Every spring we ask ourselves the same question: what’s new in the world of sunless tanning? The big news of summers past has been new formulations—foam, gradual colour creams, less-smelly lotions—but this year trumps them all, with a new self-tanning oil.

St. Tropez Tanning’s just-released Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil ($50) is one of the first formulas that delivers a sunless tan with the hydration of a body oil. Apply the dry oil anywhere on your body for a shimmery finish immediately, and streak-free colour that develops in four to six hours. You can smooth it on with your hands, a tanning mitt, or follow our lead and add a few drops to your regular body cream at night for a subtle glow by morning.

Bonus? St. Tropez’s formula is formulated with Brazilian nut oil, which is rich in good-for-your-skin antioxidants like vitamin A and E. The formula also has a light scent of neroli and lemongrass to diffuse the scent of DHA, the active ingredient in all self-tanning products. Let the oil epidemic continue.