What the F Is Seed Cycling, and Can It Cure My Ridiculous Period Pain?


Tatjana Zlatkovic/Stocksy

There's always a new wellness fad doing the rounds on Instagram, but as I lack all form of dedication, they tend to pass me by. I was nonplussed by kefir, had no interest in matcha lattes (too green) and kimchi was just okay (but only on top of a fish taco). I'm in awe of those who adopt these glow-up rituals with aplomb, but I've just never found a wellness pursuit that really fit me. So how is it that a strange IG health phenomenon has actually piqued my interest?

Enter: seed cycling. I've been suffering from debilitating period pain (the kind that makes you puke, faint and whack your head on the bathroom sink, twice) for some time now, so I'm up for trying anything that promises to ease the womb-crunching, fallopian tube–squeezing agony. So when I saw Lee Tilghman (the sole Instagrammer I follow in order to keep my toe dipped in the font of wellness) posting about a new technique she was trying to quell her own menstrual-related concerns, I had to do some digging.