Exclusive: Sea of Shoes Debuts a Jaw-Dropping New Hair Colour

What do you do when the familiar and comfortable stops working? In blogger Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes’ case, the answer is simple: You chop it off and dye it. Aldridge is known for her elevated, unexpected, and vintage-influenced style, and also for her shockingly red hair—a shade that instantly sets her apart in a swarming sea of style bloggers. Which is why we were surprised to find out that this signature fiery shade—which seems so fitting with her style and complexion—isn’t actually her natural colour. “My hair is naturally light brown, but I have been dying it red for six or seven years now,” Aldridge tells us. “I’ve always been extremely pale, so red seemed natural, and it definitely worked with my complexion. I loved it.” 

Yet change is inevitable, and lately, Aldridge found that her strawberry-red shade seemed to be interfering with her style choices. “My mum and I … were styling a lot of bulky structured ’80s pieces, feeling really excited about the story we wanted to tell with them,” she explains. “Something wasn’t right with the styling, and we both agreed that it was my hair. Long red hair did not feel modern with all that vintage. The bright hair took away too much from the clothes!” Rather than hem and haw or put off change, Aldridge went straight to the styling chair for a brand-new cut and colour—and brought us along for the transformation. The end result is nothing short of stunning—fresh, choppy, and fit for a vintage princess. Keep scrolling to see the new look!