We Can't Stop Staring at This Man's Flawless Makeup

It seems ridiculous that I'm about to write the following sentence in 2017 but here goes: Last week, a man was allegedly discriminated against in the workplace for wearing makeup. Scott Ayton-Laplanche posted on Facebook that he was asked to remove his makeup by new management, and when he refused, they asked him to tone it down instead. On Facebook, he wrote, "Excuse me? Tone it down? You can't tone down a masterpiece." Hear, hear.

This scenario occurred despite the fact that a) he's worn a full face of makeup for eight months since starting the job without any complaints, and b) his female colleagues were not asked to do the same. Thankfully, his employers said that this was a "store-level misunderstanding" and that Scott could go back to wearing his makeup to work.

This is not only fantastic news in terms of equality and respect for everyone but also because his makeup is seriously impressive. In the post, Scott also included a selfie to demonstrate just how much makeup he was wearing, which was a pared-back type of look. Not only had he managed to get the most flawless-looking skin (which is hard to achieve), his highlighting skills are second to none.

What with the increasing popularity of male beauty bloggers such as James Charles, we'll be trying to steal tips from Scott too. Keep scrolling to see Scott's Facebook post and read the three makeup tips we'll be stealing from him.