The Magical Hair Styling Dust I Can't Live Without

Oh, the price we pay for big, sexy hair. We’ve all been there: with hopes for voluminous hair in mind, we spritz away with styling product, only to be left with clumpy strands that take forever to scrub clean again in the shower. Well, I can finally say I’ve found the be-all, end-all solution to my sticky strand dilemma—Schwarzkopf’s OSiS+ Session Label Dust It Flex Fragranced Mattifying Powder ($23). If you’re thinking “dry shampoo,” you’re wrong—it’s actually a styling product that allows yet another genius way to get volume and texture without heat damage.

My hair isn’t paper-thin, but I’m constantly moisturizing it with hair oils—so like a soufflé that refuses to rise, my locks often fall flat. I sprinkled a dash of this styling powder onto my roots, then tousled my strands using my fingers. Infused with lava rock and silica, this tiny bottle full of what looks like ashy dust yielded magical results. It added va-va-voom volume to my hair without the unwanted sticky feeling, and I was able to mess around with my strands throughout the day.

The best part? It didn’t give me any trouble in the shower—I easily washed it out and noticed no trace of residue! Thanks to this styling product, I can rock voluminous hair all day without the dreaded after-effects of hairspray. And for that, my (newly glam) hair is grateful.