New Study Shows the Number One Way to Escape Stress

Are you a fan of fancy scented products in your morning shower? Or could you care less what you use so long as you sneak a speedy one in before work? According to a new study by Herbal Essences, these seemingly insignificant preferences reveal a lot more about how we feel than we might realise. 

The brand surveyed 1000 women ages 18-35 in the U.S. and found that nine out of 10 view their morning shower as a time to escape, and that taking longer showers may indicate higher levels of stress. The poll reveals just how crucial they are: "2/3 women would rather skip breakfast than their morning shower." Makes sense—showers are certainly relaxing. But beyond the enjoyment of a lengthy morning beauty routine and the obvious fact that water wakes us up almost as well as a cold-pressed coffee, the types of products we use can be quite telling.

The study states that women who use floral-scented products are more likely to have “gotten intimate in the past month, consider themselves social, spontaneous and have exercised in the past week.” All that from the scent of our shampoo? We’re not so sure. Despite the research, isn’t it possible that sometimes we just go with the best product to navigate our current hairstyle and colour? We can always test it out with Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner ($8). Wouldn’t it be nice if sweet-smelling hair was the answer to all of our problems? It’s so simple!

What do you think? Do you prefer scented haircare and body wash? Have you noticed your toiletries positively impacting how you feel during the day? Let us know in the comments!