The 5 Beauty Looks Scandi Women Are Wearing Right Now

When it comes to effortlessly cool beauty, Scandi women do it best. Every look tends to be low-key and kinda functional, but in a really beautiful way. The aesthetic is pretty but not whimsical, it’s cool but not edgy—everything is just so. If you shop in COS or Arket, then you’ll know what I mean.

Having been perusing the Instagram accounts of some of Scandinavia’s finest influencers, I’ve started to notice common themes in the beauty looks I’ve spied. Everything is very less is more, which is why makeup doesn’t feature heavily in my findings. These women would choose a glowing complexion over a baked one any day of the week. Hair is where they do tend to get a bit playful, however. Intrigued? Check out the five trends I discovered and get inspired.