These New Beauty Bags Are Giving Back to Charity

The tagline for Scamp & Dude's new Swag Bags states, "When women support women, amazing things can happen," and if there's one sentiment we're happy to be reminded of, it's this one. The award-winning kids' line (which now stocks adults clothing) was founded by Jo Tutchener-Sharp and is stocked in the likes of Liberty London and Harrods.

Having worked in the beauty industry for years, directing PR campaigns and organising high-profile events for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Esteé Lauder, I can confirm that Tutchener-Sharp is well-known and respected in the beauty world. However, in 2015, the PR professional suffered from a brain haemorrhage and had to put her life and career on pause. Having to leave her children for long hospital stays to undergo surgery meant she missed them immensely. It was this life-changing period that inspired her to create Scamp & Dude—a clothing brand to remind children that there's always someone watching over them.

But now, she's once again extending her feel-good, do-good brand to create the coolest multiuse pouches you'll want to fill with all of your favourite beauty products. Enter Scamp & Dude's Swag Bags.