The Real Reason Your Scalp Is Itching

Over the past few weeks, my scalp has been itching. And when I say itching, I don't mean I've been giving it the occasional scratch. I mean going at it until it bleeds. Truthfully, it's only a little bit and it's just in one area, but still ew, right? It's not been fun. At first, I put it down to stress but then, even at weekends when I was relaxed, I still found that this was happening. So what was the cause?

To find out the root of the problem, I spoke with hair and scalp specialist Paula Halsey, Phyto's Education Manager, who analysed my scalp with a special machine known as a Digital Microscope Endoscope Magnifier Camera. The camera had a magnification of 400x, meaning you could see 0.45mm. To paint a better picture for you (without the science stuff), when the camera was placed on my head, I could see the actual space between my hair follicles, as well as all the individual strands, so it was very close up. One thing she immediately noticed was that I have lots of hair, including several strands of hair in each follicle, which is a good thing (yay). 

But to the root, ahem, of my itching. Turns out, my scalp is perfectly healthy. Initially, there was nothing that Halsey could see. That was until she took a closer look. Keep scrolling to find out what the problem was as well as how to rectify it. 




The product is made with essential oils (including cajeput, lemon, rosemary, sage, and cypress) to help stimulate and normalise the hair follicles. It's intended to purify the scalp and support the scalp's natural microcirculation.

And my conclusion on using it? Immediately, my scalp felt cleaner and refreshed, and there was no more itching. It also had a fantastic smell, which is always a plus. 

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