5 Fat-Torching Moves From SBC

The London fitness scene is relatively small, which means when there is a great class everyone goes. And everyone who is anyone heads to SBC, where founder and trainer Russell Bateman takes no prisoners. The sessions are a mix of bodyweight exercises with the addition of resistance bands and free weights. It's a killer, but Bateman gets results, which is why everyone from Ellie Goulding to our Wellness Columnist Millie Mackintosh trains with him. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a great use of time as you quickly get your heart rate up and burn fat. Keep scrolling for five fat torching moves you can do at home in less than 25 minutes.  

Primal Crawl


Russell Bateman/SBC

Targets: core and posture, and it's a great warm-up.

A mobility move, you want to stay as close to the floor as possible. It will open up your hips and get you warmed-up for your workout.

Start going back and forth for 20 seconds, over time build up to a minute. Rest and repeat five times.


Targets: Skipping is a great cardio workout that you can do anywhere (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a fan).

Aim to skip for two minutes between each exercise to complete the circuit.  

Hula Rotations


Russell Bateman/SBC

Targets: hips, waist and arms.

Another mobility move, you want to imagine you are moving a hula hoop. Using a resistance band slip it over your forearms and pull so you can feel tension. Now with your arms above your head, hula!

As before, hula for 20 seconds, rest and repeat five times. As you become more advanced you can build up the duration.

If you want to engage your bum, squat down slightly, and try moving the band from your arms to your thighs to feel the burn in your lower body.


If you're doing the sit-ups then you'll be targeting the rectus abdominis (that's the six pack!), and your triceps will also get a workout as you're extending and pushing with the weight.

If you're doing the tricep dips, this will target the backs of your arms (the bingo wings). But by dipping down with one leg in the air, you will also be targeting your glutes.

Do one minute, rest then switch. Repeat four times. If you're tricep dipping, be sure to switch legs after 30 seconds. 

Can Can Kicks in Crab


Russell Bateman / SBC

Targets: full body—this works your arms, shoulders, core and legs.

Keep your core in tight and squeeze your triceps. Now kick your right leg in the air, then your left. Repeat and keep going as fast as you can without losing form.

Start by doing 20 seconds, rest and repeat five times. Work up to one minute. 


Will you grab a friend and try this SBC circuit? If you want to see more workouts like this let us know in the comment box below.