Introducing Saturday Skin, the Brand That's About to Brighten Up Your Weekdays

Have you ever noticed just how good your skin looks on a Saturday? That necessary lie-in manifests itself in brighter eyes and a healthy, rosy flush across the cheeks. The lack of rude interruptions from your iPhone alarm lends your complexion a kind of glow that just isn't possible on a weekday—without intervention, of course. And then there's the promise of an entire two days to fill with whatever you choose—a kind of hope that simply makes the face gleam.

Well, that's the belief by trendy skincare line Saturday Skin, which has scooped up all the bliss of a Saturday morning and funnelled it into a nine product–strong skincare line to use every day. Hailing from Seoul, South Korea (where else?), you'll have noticed the range bandied about all over on your Instagram feed—it is by and large decked out in that shade of pink—catnip for the social age. But until now, try as you might (and boy did I try), you just couldn't get a bottle of the stuff in the UK.

Thankfully, Cult Beauty knows what's up and has just stocked its virtual shelves with the range. Curious to know if it lives up to the hype? I was too, so I put a few formulas to the test to help guide you towards the products you'll want to try yourself—because believe me when I say you will want to try this.