How to Feel Full After Eating a Salad (For Real)

The word “salad” brings to mind “healthy,” “diet,” and “what I wish I craved instead of deep dish pizza.” One word not on that list? “Filling.” Sure, we love the tangy crunch of a crisp kale salad or the light, buttery taste of romaine, but more often than not, salad is usually eaten as 1) a somewhat forced attempt at trying to be “healthy” or 2) an appetizer. Salad as a meal sounds good in theory, but usually leaves our stomachs growling a few hours afterwards (or like, immediately after).

But we often see girls happily munching on greens for lunch and dinner, without even a pained look on their faces or a longing glance at the bread basket. What’s their secret? How can we become one of those people who actually enjoys eating salad? Will a salad ever truly satisfy us? (In life, probably not, but meal-wise, yes.) We brought these questions to nutritionist and New Metabolism founder, Derek Johnson, who was more than happy to share his tricks to making a salad more filling. Turns out, we were making a lot of mistakes—from toppings, dressings, and even how we eat our salads. Curious? Keep flipping for four tips that will make you eat salad in a whole new way (literally)!