How to Use a Round Brush—the Secret Trick You've Been Missing

If you’re one of those people who picked up a round brush and a blow-dryer circa age 12 and never looked back, you probably don’t understand the plight of hair styling–challenged. However, speaking from experience, we can tell you that not all women are blessed the innate ability to wield a round brush like a pro. For many of us, the struggle to master the at-home blow-dry is real. And it involves tangled strands, sore arms, and, more often than not, a fair amount of cursing. So after spending years dreading the round brush, we’ve decided to change all that. We’ve been observing top hair experts at work and prodding them for tips, and now we’ve finally figured out where we’ve been going wrong all these years.

Keep reading to find out the secret to using a round brush like a pro.