Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shares Her Surprising Fitness Secret

Models—they're just like us! Well, maybe not always, but it turns out in that mega-supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is way more relatable than you'd think. While we've already found ourselves with the January blues (hey, it's a cold, long month), Daily Mail UK reports that Huntington-Whiteley is also all too familiar with that post–New Year's slump. "January can always seem quite a daunting time of year to get back into the gym. To keep motivated, I find that alternating workouts and mixing interval, low and high-intensity training really helps. I love to mix in Pilates and fun dance classes too," she explains.

While we can't say we were shocked to learn that the model gets her enviable body by doing Pilates and dancing (Gwyneth Paltrow also attributes her killer thighs to dance), we were surprised to learn that one of her favourite moves for ultra toned legs is something we often did as kids. "If you're short on time, try skipping—I love it as it gets the heart rate up immediately and works out so many parts of your body. It's a great cardio alternative that also helps tone at the same time." We promise we won't judge if you decide to start skipping to the office.


As far as her diet goes, Huntington-Whiteley advises you to never skip a meal—something you don't have to tell us twice. She always fuels up before and after every workout with a healthy protein-filled breakfast and post-sweat sesh green smoothie. While she declares herself a "real foodie," she makes up for her cravings by cooking healthy and organic meals at home and making smart choices when she eats out. Sounds easy enough!

Psst—want to know how RHW gets that amazing glow, too? She credits her favourite tinted moisturiser by Laura Mercier (£34). For her favourite products and more, check out our post on her entire beauty routine.

What's your plan to stay in shape throughout the new year? Tell us your secrets below!