Real Talk: Can You Do Your Roots at Home?



Roots: Who can honestly be bothered? Sometimes it's cool to let them grow out, especially when you've got that dirty blonde/dark root vibe going on. But when it's greys? Yeah, not so much. Now, silver wisps are fine if that's the look you're going for. Then again, if don't want to appear older than you are, or if you actually like the colour of your hair (thank you very much), what are the options? Head to the hairdresser's every six weeks? That's a tad pricey. However, a home hair-dye kit fills us with dread. Thankfully, while you're waiting in between salon appointments there's a non-scary alternative: the root touch-up.

Whether in a spray, a powder or a pencil (no, really), there are plenty of ways to sort out your roots without having to resort to a box of hair dye that might go wrong without supervision/turning up to your hairdressers looking embarrassed. Not only do these actually look natural, they will also save you some money. Just don't tell your stylist we told you about them. Keep scrolling for the best root touch-ups to transform hair immediately.