I Now Have Baby-Soft Skin Thanks to This Delicious-Smelling Scrub

I learned a lot of things in kindergarten—such as, things that smell good don’t necessarily taste good (thanks, Play-Doh). But what I experienced this past weekend almost caused that precious life lesson to fly right out the window. My source of temptation? Rituals’ Good Luck Body Scrub ($29) in Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood. Before you judge me, no, I didn’t actually taste it, but I came close. Take one whiff and try convincing yourself not to. The scent is that delectable.

The moment I unscrewed the jar’s cap, a whirlwind of warm scents permeated my nostrils due to the formula’s natural ingredients, sweet orange and cedar. I scooped a handful of the organic sugar and softening oil mixture and massaged it onto my legs, back, and eventually my entire body. I was so relaxed by its aroma that I couldn’t bring myself to rinse off the scrub. It wasn’t until my fingers wrinkled when I decided I should end my 40-minute shower. After I dried off, I ran my fingers over baby-soft skin. It felt as though I had shed every inch of dead skin off, and it showed: My white, once-dry skin actually dazzled, all on its own—sans self-tanner or shimmer lotion. Even though I limit using the scrub to two days a week, I refuse to shower without opening the jar and simply taking a whiff.

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