Fenty Beauty: Everything You Need to Know, Straight From Rihanna Herself

It's hard to describe what makes Rihanna so worship-worthy. Yes, there's her soulful, emotion-laden voice and unapologetic personal style, but there's also something we can't quite put our finger on—something mesmerizingly amorphousMaybe it's how she's managed to come across as completely unmanufactured even after over a decade in the industry and public eye; maybe it's just the fact she's just so damn cool. Sure, there's the glossy, seductive, hip-swinging music video Rihanna (love her), but the real RiRi is raw, bad (at least her Instagram handle implies so), and slightly rough around the edges. She's relatable yet enigmatic. 

With this quality, it's no surprise that everything Rihanna touches turns to gold (or rather, platinum—seven of her albums are certified so). Thus, when news came out that she would be launching her own makeup line last spring, everyone in the beauty world and beyond (myself included) subsequently had a full-on freakout. And now, after over a year of anticipation and rumors and waiting, it's finally, finally here.

I got invited to an exclusive first look at the collection with Rihanna herself tonight, and neither the collection nor RiRi herself in the flesh disappointed. Clad in a mustard-yellow ensemble that felt like a casual weekend lounging outfit on top (sans bra, of course) and Met Ball–worthy on the bottom, Rihanna slinked into the room with a serene smile and gold highlighter glistening from her lids to her temples (thanks to Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife, $34).

She smelled like sunshine with a tinge of something juicy and sweet. And if I had any doubts that the singer was truly involved in every step of creating the makeup line, I was quickly proven wrong. After asking her how she chose the shades for her Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick ($25), Rihanna stared seemingly straight into my soul, smiled and remarked, "Oh, you're wearing Confetti, right?" I was—I had applied the purple-tinged holographic shade on my cheekbones just minutes before. You know what they say: Get you a girl who can ID your highlighter in one glance, especially if it's one that she created.

From choosing to cast diverse models (she tapped girls like Paloma Elsesser and Leomie Anderson to star in the brand's first campaign) to demanding that the foundation come in 40 shades so that everyone, regardless of skin color, could appreciate the product, it's clear that Rihanna had a distinct vision for Fenty Beauty as a brand to represent the new generation of beauty (which just so happens to be one of the brand's taglines).

And if this first drop is any indication, she's well on her way there.

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