How to Revive Post-Flight Hair in 5 Minutes Flat

We all know that flying can wreak havoc on our bodies. Every time we board a plane, we’re faced with dehydrated skin, germs, stiff legs, breakouts, neck cramps, and, worst of all, limp locks. These reasons alone make us never want to fly again, but in today’s world it’s sometimes unavoidable. And what are we supposed to do on those trips when have to go straight to a boardroom (or a romantic rendezvous) after deplaning and there’s no time to stop by a Drybar on the way? For those situations and more, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to tame your tresses after a long flight that are guaranteed to have you meet-the-parents (or investors, boss, friends, exes, etc.) ready in no time.

Keep reading to see how you can revive post-flight hair in five minutes or less!