Why You Should Start Using Reverse Lip Liner Today

The benefit of lip liner is that it holds your lipstick in place, while defining the shape of your lips. The downside is that lining your lips with a bright red pencil to match your signature lip colour requires patience and a steady hand—two talents we don’t possess in any great abundance. That’s why we like to skip traditional liner, opting instead for the reverse variety.

Reverse lip liner (also commonly referred to as invisible lip liner) prevents your lipstick from travelling outside the bounds of your lips, without all the negatives of conventional liner.

And it gets even better. Reverse lip liner is basically mistake-proof because A) it’s clear (even if you do make a mistake, you won’t be able to see it) and B) it’s applied to the outside of lips—no more twisting your wrist to get the perfect angle or painstakingly lining your cupid’s bow. Simply drag the pencil along the outer perimeter of your lips, and you’re done!


Ready to make the switch to reverse lip liner? Check out a few of our favourites!