What to Do When Your Favourite Beauty Buy Has Been Discontinued

There are no three words that strike fear into a woman quite like "it's being discontinued," but let me rewind a couple of years to when I found The One—the perfect nude lipstick—not too beige, not too pink (I think you can guess where this is going…). It glided on effortlessly perfecting the natural tone of my lips and magically lighting up my face. Creamy but not shiny, it would stick by me for hours with little need to reapply (despite me being a self-confessed coffee addict). I was happy, content.

I knew something was wrong on that ill-fated grey and drizzly Monday morning when, doing some online research for a feature, I clicked onto my beloved Kiko Luscious Cream Lipstick and my stomach did a flip-flop—it was sold-out. Don’t panic, I thought. Slowly I clicked on each shade in the line… sold-out, sold-out, sold-out. The words jumbled on the screen in front of me, as the sudden realisation hit me—it's probably being discontinued. I’m being melodramatic, I know, but finding your lipstick soulmate is hard. Really, really hard. “It’s fine,” I mumbled to no one; I had two on-the-go, and I would simply head to Kiko the next day and stockpile the rest. “It’s going to be fine!” I said in too-chirpy internal voice. Keep scrolling to find out what happened next. (Hint: It wasn’t all plain sailing).


I burst into Kiko on Regent Street at 10:01 a.m. on a Tuesday, just as it opened, and made my way over to the lipsticks, madly scanning for my favourite. All gone. I know the store well (if you haven’t been, it is a beauty girl’s dream), so I made my way downstairs where they have another stand of lipsticks. No joy. I bent down nosing around in the drawers and found a bunch—11 of them sat there waiting for me! They were on sale, a bargain. I bagged all 11 for just shy of £25. They’d easily last me— what, five years?—if I kept them boxed in a cool, dry, dark place. I even had a little joke with the cashier about why I was buying so many. Happy days! Except panic does funny things to the mind. I had snapped up 11 of the shade 501. Trouble is the number always rubs off the bottom of my beloved lipstick, I always forget it’s shade 502. Two! Not one! I was now the not-so-proud owner of 11 very beige-looking lipsticks. Things were starting to look desperate. So I tried every conceivable trick in the beauty book. Keep reading for my discontinued SOS plan of action. If you ever find yourself in the same position as me, read, learn and don’t buy 11 of the wrong shade— that’s lesson one…