The Serum That Will Make Your Skin Glow Like No Other

You may wonder how publications find the experts that help inform their stories. Of course, there are many different ways, but in the case of Renee Rouleau—the aesthetician that’s taught us how to prevent a breakout, how to get rid of blackheads at home, and so much more—it was thanks to my genuine love of her skincare products. I can go on and on about the ones I swear by, but none more than her Bio Radiance Night Serum ($48).

This seemingly ordinary, lightweight serum soaks into skin immediately, leaving no greasy residue or sticky feeling, but the magic happens overnight. Thanks to a blend of potent ingredients—marine extract, aloe leaf juice, sodium hyaluronate, red rice extract—the formula, somehow, makes my skin insanely radiant in the morning. When I say radiant I mean it glows to the point I don’t want to put makeup on. Plus, it leaves skin incredibly soft and hydrated. I just ran out of my third bottle and I may or may not be in a slight panic, which, I’ve found, is the only downside of the serum.