Skincare to Share: 6 Complementary Beauty Essentials Perfect for Couples

When you’re sharing a bathroom counter with your significant other, it’s easy to swap, borrow or  steal your partner’s favorite products. So wouldn’t it be ideal to add products with chemistry like yours into the getting-ready equation? Enter Malin + Goetz, an upscale, unisex brand that’s garnered a massive following for introducing a beauty line that includes a wide range of products you’ll both love, giving #MineisYours a whole new meaning. From a fruity face wash to the luxurious lather of a peppermint-scented shampoo paired with a cilantro-scented conditioner (yes, cilantro!), there's something that both of you will love. Keep reading to learn about these shareable favourites.

Which product will you be sharing with your significant other? Don't forget to head over to the new London stores at 146 Upper St. or 6 Monmouth St. to pick up your very own picks from Malin + Goetz.