I Tried a Morning Reiki Meditation Class and Had the Best Day Ever

Considering my best friend is a reiki practitioner, you'd think I'd be at least well versed in this trendy form of energy healing. But I'm not, and as my stress levels leave much to be desired, I decided it was high time I took the plunge to see if maybe this was the proverbial "chill pill" I'd been looking for.

I booked in to visit Re:Mind, the hip new meditation studio in London's Victoria that everyone seems to be talking about right now to try out the Re:Heal class (a session of reiki meditation) bright and early at 8 a.m., ahead of a super-busy Wednesday.

Inside the meditation studio, there are a dozen or so little snoozing stations set up, like the chicest sleepover you'll ever experience. Each participant gets a comfy mat, a pillow, a blanket and a lavender eye mask. My advice? Wear the eye mask. The bright lights in the studio can be a little distracting to your meditation game.