This Workout Will Give You Reese Witherspoon's Arms

Do you envy the way Reese Witherspoon looks in a strapless dress? So do we! Not only does that celebrity-approved arm pose she has mastered highlight her sculpted arms, it also makes for some great gym motivation. It turns out InStyle is on our wavelength and recently met up with fitness expert and celebrity trainer Michael George to learn all about how to get those perfectly toned arms. Trust us, it's not as hard as you might think.

So what's Reese's secret? Turns out it's all about those multi-tasking lateral raises. George explained these arm-burners simultaneously work your shoulders and the cuts in your arms, along with your quads, your legs, and your balance, all while accelerating your heart rate. Talk about multipurpose! In the video, George demonstrates one of his signature moves (a down lunge hold with side, front, and rear lateral raises), and it's easy to see how these body-burning moves help achieve those enviable arms we've all been wanting. 

Before you get started, don't forget your weights! We like C9 Neoprene Hand Weights ($9) in Hot Rod Lime. Once you're at the gym and in the groove, don't be afraid to tack on a few extra arm moves to further enhance your super-sculpted look. 

What is your favourite exercise for getting perfectly sculpted arms? Let us know in the comments below!