6 Bizarre Things You Never Realised Affected Your Period

Some people's period comes along like clockwork. They know exactly when it's going to arrive, how long it's going to stick around for and how they're going to feel during that week or so beforehand. For other people, myself included, your period can seem like a mythical creature that pops up unexpected whenever it so pleases and basically disrupts the rhythm of your life for a few days.

Of course, there are health factors that might disrupt or unbalance our menstrual cycle, resulting in irregular periods. And if you've recently changed your contraception, chances are your period is also going to change its routine slightly too. But did you know that there are actually way more subtle life influences that can stir up your time of the month?

I reached out to Angelique Panagos, a nutritionist and women's health specialist, who enlightened me with some of the less obvious factors that could be impacting the regularity of your period. By tweaking these lifestyle factors, you might find that your period also becomes more in tune with your life, too. Keep scrolling to read Panagos's top tips…