The Sunscreen That Even SPF-Haters Will Want to Wear

It’s true. I’m a beauty editor and I hate sunscreen. I understand the importance of it, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy wearing it—until now. I have extremely sensitive skin, and finding a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my skin or make me break out has been a lifelong battle. Typically, the sunscreens that are designed for sensitive skin are rather thick and leave my skin oily or with a layer of residue. But when a fellow editor assured me Radical Skincare’s Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30 ($55) would do nothing of the sort, I was cautiously optimistic. I gave it a try, and from the very first application I could tell this was a different kind of SPF.

The entire line is created with sensitive skin in mind, but it’s also highly anti-ageing. Like all the products from the line, this chemical-free sunscreen is formulated with powerful anti-ageing technology. Which is wonderful, but that’s not even the reason I’ve fallen in love it. The real reason this product has converted me into a SPF-lover is the “skin perfecting” part of its name. The Skin Perfecting Screen is made with encapsulated diamond powder that redirects light to blur imperfections. On top of that, the texture is incredibly lightweight and dries to matte finish. And word on the street is it makes a fantastic makeup primer. It’s impossible to say this without sounding like a major cheeseball, but it really is everything I could want from a sunscreen and more.

What sunscreen do you wear every day?