Flu Season Is Upon Us: These Beauty Buys Will Help Get You Through

Have you noticed everyone around you getting ill recently? There are people coughing on the tube, sneezing in the street and more empty seats in the office than ever. Yep, flu season is officially upon us. And no matter how hard we try (or how many immune-boosting foods we make sure we eat) sometimes you just can't help getting ill.

If you've been struck down with sickness, you'll know that the first giveaway is often your face. Your skin loses its colour, your under-eye bags come out and there are red patches around your nose from all that blowing.

And whilst makeup might not be your number one priority, it can help you to feel better—especially when you're feeling your most rotten.

From radiance-boosting beauty buys to pep up your dull skin to heavy-duty concealers to hide those telltale sickness signs, we've rounded up the best beauty buys that will get you through this flu season.

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Opening Image: Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash