How to Look Good in Photos, According to a VS Model


Thomas Concordia/Getty Images/Contributor

It’s a complete myth that Victoria’s Secret models just turn up on show day looking that good. Of course, they all have genetics on their side (they’re practically built for the catwalk), but just as athletes train for race day, models prep for show day. So we took five minutes to chat with 22-year-old model and New Yorker Rachel Hilbert, who fronts the Pink campaign and walked in the show last year, to see what tips and tricks we could apply to our daily lives. Models have hectic schedules, and Hilbert’s is no different, so we picked her brains on everything from sleep to mindfulness. Plus, she shared a crazy beauty trick and told us how to look good in photos (“golden hour” has a lot to do with it). We may not be VS models, but every little bit helps.

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