10 Quick Healthy Meals You Can Make When You Get Home From Work

You start with good intentions: You tell yourself you’re going to be healthier and set about making meal plans that consist of all manner of experimental dishes. Then reality kicks in—the trains have been cancelled, you get home late, winter TV is just too tempting, and before you know it, you’re ordering Deliveroo (again).

While healthy eats are just what you need when flu season is rife, it can be tricky to get yourself in the cooking mindset when work and life get in the way. So we’re helping you out. We’ve rounded up 15 healthy meals that are super quick to make, entirely virtuous, and full of flavour, too. All of these clock in under 30 minutes—most hit the 15-minute mark—so you can’t use “I don’t have time” or “I got home from work too late” as an excuse anymore.

Keep scrolling to reveal the recipes you can whip up in record time.