10 Products and Tools Hairstylists Use (That You Don't Know About)



It's so easy to get stuck in a hairstyling rut when you have the same shampoo, conditioner and styling products on repeat. Given that there are so many hair products out there to test out, it can be tricky introducing new products into your routine when you've already secured your favourites.

While we're big fans of reviews and a lot of experimenting, you just can't beat product recommendations from those who know best. With years of experience, product testing and streams of clients' hair in their hands, hairstylists know their products. Especially the ones that are usually kept on the down low, that they swear by.

If you're ready to give your hair products an end-of-year refresh, you're in the right place. We had a chat with our favourite hairstylists to get the scoop on the products they use, which you've probably never heard of.