Can This Pill Keep You From Ageing? Science Thinks So

We’re well versed in taking probiotics to keep our gut healthy and happy, but when we heard that popping them daily could improve our skin as well as our digestive tract, we were all ears. Not just a throwaway marketing spin (we did ask), recent research has shown that after 12 weeks of taking a probiotic, testers had a reduction in wrinkle depth while skin radiance and elasticity increased by 13.17%.

This is because when the gut is ticking over nicely, excess waste products and toxins can be removed via the bowels as opposed to the skin. And there we were blaming that chocolate bar for our breakout. It might be coming from the stomach, but not as we knew it. Rather than what we’re eating, it’s how well we’re digesting it (or not) that could be to blame.

Plus when there are internal blockages, as well as a sluggish, imbalanced microflora, internal inflammation flares up, which then can manifest itself in things like eczema and psoriasis. So it’s not just spots our gut is giving us, as it could also be to blame for our dull, dry, lined and lumpy complexions too.

Intrigued, we set out to delve a little deeper into the subject to find out if probiotics prevent skin ageing once and for all.