The Seriously Pretty Tattoo Trend That Will Be Huge in 2017

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When it comes to finding inspiration (or should we say ink-spiration) for your next tattoo, Pinterest is telling us it's all about colour. Yep, pretty, colourful tattoos inspired by flora and fauna, watercolour paintings or even classic blue crockery prints are set to be the biggest trend in ink for 2017.

The team over at Pinterest have seen a 160 percent increase in people saving ideas for colour tattoos in the UK over the past year and a 15 percent increase in the past three months alone. At first we weren't convinced; when it comes to tattoos we like them tiny and monochrome, but the more we pinned colourful tattoos for this article, the more we came around to the idea. We've rounded up 15 colourful and seriously pretty tattoo ideas to get you inspired. Keep scrolling as we introduce you to world of colourful, pretty tattoos. Get ready to get pinning.

A Tattooist's Guide to Colour

Before delving into the inspirational images (there are quite a few to browse), we wanted to get an expert's take on this tattoo trend, so we called on Guy Sa'ar, artist manager at one of London's leading tattoo studios, Love, Hate Social Club.

"In general both traditional black and colour tattoos will settle in the skin over time and lose slight contrast. Colour tattoos that have no black outline don't stay crisp and sharp, and while they look great when they're newly done, they don't hold their shape and can start to look messy, which means touching-up the ink after a while. It's always best to listen to your artist's advice, black outlines are always recommended!"

Having said that, Sa'ar assures us that "a well-done tattoo will last a lifetime, be it colour or black." Aftercare is especially important with a colour tattoo; "Lengthy sun exposure is a a sure way to age the tattoo faster and leave it looking dull," he said. Another reason to slap on that SPF 50.

And while colour tattoos suit all skin tones, Sa'ar says, "Generally speaking, the darker the skin tone, the duller and less vibrant the tattoo will look. So the paler the skin's tone, the stronger the pigment will show."

Keep scrolling for our 15 favourite pretty and colourful tattoos on Pinterest. Plus, if you're still not convinced, we've also picked out our favourite temporary colour transfers so you can experiment without the life-long commitment.

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