9 Present Ideas for That Annoying Friend Who Has Everything

We all have that one friend who’s unbearably difficult to buy for around Christmas. Finding their perfect present is akin to tracking down Beyoncé tickets the day after release or stopping at just one Game of Thrones episode when you’ve got the whole box set waiting. The aim is to gift them something they don’t need but will really love. Easier said than done, we know. And there’s nothing like a broad gift offering in our favourite department stores to send us into wild-eyed panic.

To make things simpler and less stressful, we’ve put in the legwork for you, and you can buy all these gifts online to avoid the hordes of shoppers as Christmas approaches. Thankfully all beauty addicts love a new product discovery, and these niche body, makeup, hair and fragrance finds are the gifts they never knew they wanted. Keep scrolling for present ideas to treat the friend who has pretty much everything.