How to Get Super-Glowy Skin for Your Wedding Day



When your wedding is on the horizon (alongside the countless of other things you have to plan), it's likely that your beauty routine has come to mind at least once or twice. We've already unpacked the ultimate pre-wedding beauty prep routine, but if you want the glowiest, clearest, brightest skin of your life, your complexion requires a little extra attention.

To help guide the way, we've tapped up super facialist Nichola Joss (even Meghan Markle turns to her for a good skin fix) to give us advice on how to prep skin ahead of the big day. From the treatments she recommends to the skincare products you'll want to add to your arsenal stat, she's giving us the best pre-wedding skincare advice. Keep reading to see how to get a complexion you won't want to hide behind a veil.