8 Foolproof Ways to Reverse Holiday Weight Gain

Food and the holiday season are not mutually exclusive. Yes, you can have a bounty of food without a holiday on the calendar (and, boy, do we know that), but the festive period is not without its bone-warming, sugar coma–inducing, mulled, baked, (and truthfully) guilt-ridden eats.

But come the New Year, there's always a collective mindset change where we shift from eating our weight in cookies to googling how to successfully detox. It's a cyclical demon each year, really. But before you pledge to drop 10 pounds right away, NYC-based registered dietitian and nutritionist Amy Shapiro says to pump the breaks a bit.

"After the holidays, everybody’s ready to be so drastic, but if we take small steps, it’ll probably lead to us being more consistent and being able to keep our goals," she suggests. As such, we've paired attainable diet and weight-loss tips from Shapiro and fellow dietitian Alissa Rumsey to help you get back on track come January 1. Want to know their weight-loss tips for the New Year? Keep reading.