Make Your Pores Look Smaller With These Simple Tricks

In our next column with Renee Rouleau, skincare expert and mastermind of her eponymous line of editor-favourite skincare products, we’re talking pores. To put it plainly, there’s nothing good about pores. These pesky little follicles get clogged, which creates breakouts and blackheads, plus, they get bigger as we age. But, as we learned from Rouleau, there is a simple way to make them appear smaller.

“Pores aren’t like doors,” Rouleau told us. “They don’t open and close. But using the right combination of exfoliating products can help make them appear less visible. The best way to reduce the appearance of large pores is to exfoliate often.”

The secret to small pores? “By using a combination of both physical and chemical exfoliators on a regular basis you can remove dry surface cells so the opening of the pores are less deep,” Rouleau says.

Click through our slideshow for exactly what you need to make your pores look smaller!