I've Lived in NYC for 7 Years and See These Makeup Products Everywhere

There are always those few products that have regional relevance—the formulas that every one of your co-workers and friends touts as their go-to because of the weather, the city's vibe, and, even more likely, someone in their lives who recommended it. So much so that when we look around at our makeup bags, we all have a lot of the same core products. Sure, there are different lipstick shades and various foundations, but more so than ever, we find New Yorkers have a makeup preference that can't be ignored.

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From subtle, natural-looking highlighters and lip balms to cult-favourite brow pencils, gels, and lengthening mascara, we know what we like. We're pretty sure you'll like them too (that's why we're constantly recommending them), and whether you do happen to live in New York or not, scroll through to see how many of the below items you can check off your list. Because my love for this city is strong, but our affection for makeup is just as substantial.