These Are the Most Popular Haircuts Around the World


Getty/Merilyn Smith

As our world seems to grow increasingly smaller (thanks, social media!), our curiosity about the beauty habits of women across the globe only seems to grow. Take hair trends, for example. No doubt British women have been snip-happy for the past few years, but what's the most-requested haircut in Tokyo's top salons right now? Which styles dominate the Pinterest boards of beauty-savvy Aussies? What's the hairdo du jour à Paris?

We got to researching to find out—by scouring international magazines and street style snaps, perusing the Instagram feeds of influencers around the world, and reaching out to our global network of editors and industry pros. Spoiler alert (although is it really a surprise?): The lob is still a favourite in several places, in all kinds of variations. But we're also seeing some countries embrace longer locks, and effortless texture reigns across the board. Get the full breakdown below.



Kimberly Perl

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