9 Ponytail Hairstyles You Never Realised Were Possible

Ah the ponytail. It is the ultimate hairstyle. The true beauty about this look is that it is versatile; it's both girl-next-door and sophisticated. It's the hairstyle of choice for when you're going for a run, but also for when you want to look polished. That said, it can get a little boring. However, there are ways to think outside-the-box when it comes to the ponytail, because it's not just a case of shoving up your hair in a hairband, oh no.  

From a laissez-faire loose pony to a stunning dip-dyed style, as well as a few other interesting and exciting ways to tie your hair back, we've found nine new pony hairstyles that you're going to love. You might need some accessories and to put in a bit of practice, but at least you're have a new way to do this classic look. Click through our gallery for nine new ways to do the ponytail hairstyle.