One Woman on Trying Every Idea That Comes to Mind and Ignoring Beauty Rules

When it comes to beauty, we all have our firsts—our first beauty lipstick, our first perfume, our first experience of testing a bold eye shadow on the back of our hands before swiping it across our lids with little attention to precision. And it’s these early brushes with beauty that help us evolve our own beauty journeys. Follow us in our new series, First Brush With Beauty, as we revisit beauty firsts. Today we’re talking with Artrepreneur—dancer, model and YouTuber Alana Poetree—who goes by the moniker @_poemoney on Instagram and FROtorials on YouTube. Poetree shares hair tutorials, poetry, DIY remedies and advice through the videos she uploads. “FRO is much more then hair but the ultimate acceptance of beauty in all shapes and forms,” she writes. Keep reading for her first brushes with beauty.