How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger in Just 30 Seconds

Remember Gigi Hadid’s gorgeous tangerine lip from the Much Music Awards? Not only was it summery (and a perfect complement to her equally stunning red suit), but it also made her lips look pillowy and full. How? Thanks to a technique makeup artists love: lip contouring. It’s easier than you think (only three steps), and you can do it with any lip colour you already own (and love).

Check out the instructions below, and click play on the video above to see how it’s done!

  1. Grab two shades of lip liner (lipstick will work too, but you get more control with lip liner). Line and fill in your lips with the lighter of the two shades.
  2. Apply the darker lip pencil to the outer corners of your lips, both upper and lower, subtly feathering the colour inward to blend the two shades. Extend the darker lip pencil about one-third of the way down the bottom lip on each side, but skip the centre of the bottom lip.
  3. Blend with your finger to soften the edges. For a more dramatic effect, add more of the lighter shade to the centre, or darken the edges a touch more.

We used MAC’s Lip Pencils (£13) for this barely-there lip colour. For a poppy orange pout like Gigi's, use Tom Ford Lip Color in Rafael (£28). 

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Credits: Model: Yaris Cedano; Hair: Caeleb Michael; Makeup: Sophie Haig; Videographer: Mitch Lemos; Producer: CMG Studios.