15 Platinum-Blonde Celebs Who Prove It's Totally Wearable

Always been tempted by the idea of going platinum blonde? While it may seem like a terribly daring hair colour, it's actually seriously flattering, and we have proof in the gallery below. But before you dive headfirst into a tub of bleach (just kidding), it's worth knowing the following. Listen up: Platinum blonde isn't the most low-maintenance hair colour in world (read: it's damn high-maintenance). Unless you're already blonde, it can take hours, a lot of bleach, a heck of a lot of toner and sometimes a few colour appointments to get to the right shade. So that also means it's not cheap. You also have to stock your bathroom with blonde shampoo, rich, nourishing conditioners and a lot of toner. Then, of course, you're on high alert for roots all the time (unless you like a grown-out root, each to their own, it can look trés cool). Still game? Check out the 15 platinum blonde hair ideas below.